MLB Takeoff 7/28

I strongly recommend that not only do you get our projections, but that you find an optimizer that works best for you, no matter what type of player you are. From MME, to 20 max, to single entry, to cash games. An optimizer along with the right set of projections is the fast track to being a successful DFS player.

Over the first 10 games of action, we'll be breaking down the majority of probable arms to help acclimate you into MLB. Once the SPs get a start or two under their belt we'll be able to forget about pitch count limits and solely focus on the talent, matchup, and outlook.

SP Breakdown

I promise we'll be cutting down our write-ups and start zoning on a specific amount of arms once we get through 2 turns of the rotation. Until then, it's a tough call to only pick 1 or 2, especially for GPPs.

W. Buehler: My favorite SP going as far as talent goes. The issue? Same as its been for a lot of our 2019 Go-To arms; pitch limit. While it doesn't help that he also has to do battle vs. HOU, I would still be using him if this game was played two weeks from now. For today, I'm going to be pretty low on exposure unless we somehow hear that he's got a leash of 85+ pitches (Won't happen).

Added: After seeing the slate as a whole, and seeing how the last few nights have gone, it makes sense to make sure to have some Buehler exposure. Tough matchup but there are some scenarios he can pull off a Glasnow like outing where it's only 3-4 innings but he comes away with 6-8Ks. Normally that wouldn't be good enough but theres a lot of subpar talents going and we can see numerous SPs bust.

Patrick Sandoval: A late season call up for the Angels last year who stuck in the rotation for the last 2 months of the season. In his short time in the majors last season, Sandoval was simply mediocre. While he did flash some strikeout upside (K% 24.9) and didn't allow many flyballs (FB% 26.2), Sandoval actually had reverse splits and got crushed by lefties to the tune of an LISO .333. Another issue Sandoval ran into last season was is ability to go deep into ballgames. In his 10 starts he only managed to reach the 5th innings two times and never completed more than that. As for tonight, he runs into the Mariners who we picked on over the weekend with the Astros. Although the Mariners hit lefties much better than righties (K% drops 5%), with this brutal pitching slate Sandoval finds himself in play. The Mariners currently have an IRT of 3.9.

Added: Might be the chalk today? I'm not going to go crazy here and will be more than willing to lower ownership if he comes in anywhere above 33%.