MLB Takeoff 7/27: F Covid

Quick Update: Yesterday was fun. We’ll see bumps along the road these first 10 games or so, as teams slowly lift pitch limits off their starters. Still, I’m loving what I’m seeing from our Boogie Index. (Will officially be released to our members later this week)

Boogie Index: This new metric of ours is the result of all the hard work my genius tech guru & I put in during quarantine. It removes all possible biases & incorporates every single piece of relevant data (weighted accordingly) into one ultimate stat.

Also, I strongly recommend that not only do you get our projections, but that you find an optimizer that works best for you, no matter what type of player you are. From MME, to 20 max, to single entry, to cash games. An optimizer along with the right set of projections is the fast track to being a successful DFS player.

Over the first week of action, we'll be breaking down the majority of probable arms to help acclimate you into MLB. Once the SPs get a start or two under their belt we'll be able to forget about pitch count limits and solely focus on the talent, matchup, and outlook.

Expensive Arms

With today being an odd slate to begin with, we'll be splitting up the SPs into their price range and come up with a plan in the summary below. More analysis coming. I'm pushing the Takeoff through early but I''ll be adding a lot more over the next couple of hours.

M.Foltynewicz: Will be on a pitch count and a very short one at that. ATL has pulled all their SPs no matter how well they were doing in the 3-4th inning range and will definitely be doing the same with Folty (coming off an injury filled 2019). Being so expensive, we have to be careful going too heavy here On a slate that is riddled with questionable pitching, i side with trying to spend the least amount of cap space with our arms, and would rather load up on bats.