MLB Takeoff 6/1: SP Roulette

Primary Arms

T.Glasnow: It's very difficult to poke any holes in a pitcher who sports an xFIP of 3.15 & K% of 36.2%. All Glasnow has done this season is in fact turn out to be the ace the Rays were hoping for when they traded for him because he has gotten much better. When the casual fan thinks of Glasnow they think of his ability to throw 100+ MPH multiple times a game, but what if I told you the reason he's gotten better is because he's throwing his fastball less? Crazy, right? To get straight to the point, Glasnow added a slider to his repertoire which has in turn made his fastball more effective since he is throwing it less. Last season he was throwing his fastball 60% of the time & opponents were hitting .246 against it, this season he's throwing it 51% of the time & opponents are hitting just .179 against it. Now, the matchup...the Bronx Bombers. It's no secret that the Yankees have been struggling this season because of the underperformance of several players. Yet, most people hesitate selecting a starting pitcher against them in DFS because of the names in their lineup. Well let's look past the names & right into the numbers. The Yankees vs. RHP this season is hitting just .223 & own the highest K% against RHP across the entire MLB.

Secondary Arms