Message to all Members

Hope everyone is having a good day, coming off of a good week of both sports. I just wanted to update everyone and be as transparent as I can. Some health issues arose Sunday night/Monday morning that are requiring me to be hospitalized for a couple of days. Theres a chance I'm able to be back to normal hopefully later this week. I'm sorry for this, as I know my health issues shouldn't affect your expectations, and I'll try my best to make sure you are in capable hands for the next few days.

It's a fluid thing so for all I know I'm well enough to start writing tomorrow or Wednesday. Hoping for the best. I felt it was a good idea to let 99.9% you know my situation. There's one asshole on Twitter that keeps tweeting at me some ridiculous things because he's not pleased with me not handling every single content at every single hour for his own standards. That's the type of person that I want nothing to do with period. But for the rest of you I'm sorry, and ill be back ASAP. For the baseball people I'm overseeing the content that Nick is putting out there and will be giving him my view on each slate so he gets the message across to all of you. For football, IF I miss any days we'll have Gaby filling in for the beginning of the week, I'll be back to handle it by the weekend.

Thank you for the patience and understanding,