Lineup Review: World Fantasy Baseball Championship Q Win

Here we go again! My second lineup review in as many days. Once again, I won using a configuration you probably aren’t going to see very often. Let’s start with my main stack. I LOVED the D-Backs. There was rain concern a few hours before lock that actually made me lessen their ownership all the way from near 30% to around 6%. 30% ownership in a team is considered crazy to some and brave to others. Its not something I normally do or would suggest, but if theres ever a slate where you feel really strongly about a stack; go for it. You only live once, no regrets!

What stood out to me about ARI was the lefty power they had in their lineup vs. a pitcher in Eickhoff who really struggles against that side of the plate. Coming into the game Eickhoff was allowing LHBs a .385 wOBA, .587 SLG, and a .333 ISO. “Oh but small sample size, the season is still young”. Ok lets look at his past 2 seasons: .412 wOBA, .625 SLG, and .325 ISO vs left-handed batters. I was really surprised he wasn’t being mentioned more by the DFS community as someone to stack against.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so comfortable with my everyday routine, that I rarely will follow what others suggest; even those i respect as skilled players. When I do c