Lineup Review: WFBC Seat #3

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Woo! My 3rd WFBC Seat! It was a crazy ending yesterday where my opponent in 2nd place had Nelson Cruz rostered and had him up with runners on 1st & 2nd with two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning.

I had my parents, brother, girlfriend, my abuela, and of course my two Frenchies all on the edge of their seats watching a Twins/Royals game on Father’s Day. I was hanging on to a 4 point lead as Nelson Cruz struck out and I let out a “F*** yeah!!” and proceeded to give high fives to all around me.

Anyways, now time for the analysis. In my write up yesterday, I had said how I was on Gray on account of the vast improvements he had made this year, mainly to lefties. I thought his price was lower than what it should have been, so I saw the potential upside he would bring along with the price savings the will allow me to pay up for bats.

Gray ended up only going five innings because the Reds were so comfortably ahead that there was no need to extend him. He still managed to get me 8 Ks in those five innings and was sitting pretty for the win thanks to the Cincinnati offensive explosion. Speaking of the Cincy offense, they made up half of my bats in this lineup that led me to glory.

I had Washington listed as one of the best leverage spots of the day with high upside. I loved the potential they had, especially with the wind blowing out to center. I ended up going with the middle of the order. The reason for this is because I knew they wouldn’t be that highly owned so I didn’t need to get that weird with my setup.

Next came the decision of what type of stack I was going to go with, and what the second team would end up being. Dietrich’s numbers always pop out to me vs. righties since his ISO still sits at over .400. He’s priced up over on DK, but on FD he’s always underpriced, so it makes it a comfortable fit. He was 2900! That’s crazy for a guy hitting righties so good right now. When it came to who else to pair him with, Puig stood out right away. He profiled well with the matchup, and as a bonus, he was hitting right behind Dietrich, so it was an ideal fit. His price? Also at a ridiculous $2900 to go along with his teammate. Because of the way the lineup was shaking out, the next piece was either get a CIN shortstop or an Outfielder. I didn’t love the infield choices for the Reds, so Winker was looking perfect to add to my Cincy stack. As a bonus, he was hitting righties well this season and was hitting leadoff. Oh, his price? Check this out, $2700! Easy decision for me.