Lineup Review: Top 3 Finish on DK GPP ($10,000 Win)

When you look at this lineup, what is the first thing that stands out to you? (Besides the $10,000 of course). Look at the consistency of points throughout the entire lineup, all while being relatively low-owned. While building this lineup, my main focus was getting a Twins stack that i felt had a nice balance of floor/upside, and finding what secondary stack fit well with them. Minnesota had an implied run total of 5.66, so there was no secret they were in a good spot. Because of that, i couldn’t just fit 1-5 and call it a day. you might notice i left Nelson Cruz off of this stack, mostly because he was a whopping 31.86% owned. It is absurd to find a hitter that highly owned in a slate this size. Now, would I have included him knowing he was going to go off for 24 DK points? Of course I would have.The crazier part about that was the fact that i managed to do this well without him. This should also go to show you that you can miss on a heavily owned player who has a monster game and still be successful.