Lineup Review: Week 9 KOB Qualifier Win

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Coming off of a Two Week Slump, a much-needed King of the Beach Qualifier Take Down was exactly what I needed. I may have never worked harder for a single week slate than this past week. I decided to scrap my usual process and go back to the beginning. I set all my optimizer settings back to default and got to work. Sometimes the worst part about this tilting game is the lack of deserved results despite the hard work someone may put in. Alex "Awesemo" Baker had just passed me when the SEA/TB game got into the 4th Quarter, and my hopes were looking bleak. I could have easily ended in 2nd place and received nothing for all the hours I put into this slate. The Variance Monster luckily decided to pass over my lineup and allowed it to live up to its potential. From my favorite QB of the week, all the way down to the PIT D; every single one of these players was listed in my Core Plays. I also mentioned over and over and over again this week on how crucial I felt it was to build stacks around the only two games that had a 50+ implied total. Need a reminder? Let me drop this right here, right quick:

This lineup revolved around my favorite game of the week, TB @ SEA. A classic QB/2 WR/Opponent WR coming back Stack came in clutch. Next, we have two players in Jacobs and Jones coming from the DET/OAK game that went close to perfect for this build. When rostering a RB and WR from opposing teams, the hope is usually that the team with the RB will be in control of the game and force the opponent to keep up by throwing the ball. With both games hitting the over with totals of 74 and 55, it was hard to go wrong with any combination of players. That being said, the difference between finishing in the top 20% and finishing inside the top 1% is unlocking the PERFECT combo of players AND having your secondary/one-offs compliment them in perfect harmony. It's bleeping hard, man.

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