Leverage Corner 8.30.19

Leverage Corner

Bringing you the best plays when it comes to gaining leverage on the field. The best way to approach this is to mix in these team stacks with other stacks (chalk or safer plays) you are confident in. Differentiating yourself from the rest of the field while still playing smart should be your daily goal.

I noticed a lot of you are playing the 3 max entries. I don’t mind that strategy, it’s better than throwing 1 lineup in a huge gpp and all. So let’s cater to this for tonight.

There’s 3 elite spots for me here today. Coors (over 14 implied runs, 2 horrific no k pitchers), Yanks vs. A's games (They are going to be similarly priced to coors at a 1/4th of the ownership), and lastly this Suarez junk machine that had some ppl saying he has upside is insane to me. Some sites always listed him as a nice value play but I’ve seen enough. He’s really not talented and the Red Sox are elite. LAA's Stadium has actually been a top 10 hitters Park this season, not sure how many people know that.

The way I would approach 3 max entries is revolve 3 lineups around these 3 spots. Whoever is the highest owned stack (which will be coors today) pair them with the least owned pitcher we can choose from. Whichever is the least owned (yanks and As today) pair them with the most owned pitcher today in which we like.<