Leverage Corner 8.29.19

Leverage Corner

Bringing you the best plays when it comes to gaining leverage on the field. The best way to approach this is to mix in these team stacks with other stacks (chalk or safer plays) you are confident in. Differentiating yourself from the rest of the field while still playing smart should be your daily goal.

PIT: While they have some ownership its not remotely close to what it should be. Remember how I said usually a team with a 10% chance to lead the slate is considered pretty high for my numbers? Well PIT is at a whooping 30%. It's the highest I've seen in awhile. Next closest is COL and they are a bit off the pace. I'm very big on them today. Especially lefties. They face a bottom dweller pitcher. Don't shy away from ANYONE in this lineup. EVERYONE in play.

In terms of ownership, SF comes in extreme low ownership with SOME upside. Not an exciting stack but they can make for a way to differentiate.

LAD is borderline top 3 stack tonight that isn't garnering too much attention. The loss of Muncy is a big one but perhaps that will limit ownership even more.