Leverage Corner 8.22.19

Leverage Corner

Bringing you the best plays when it comes to gaining leverage on the field. The best way to approach this is to mix in these team stacks with other stacks (chalk or safer plays) you are confident in. Differentiating yourself from the rest of the field while still playing smart should be your daily goal.

Combo Stacks

In order to take down a tournament, you need to find the right balance and correct combination of team stacks to play. With Combo Stacks, we will help guide you to do just that. It might be easy to determine which offenses have a good matchup on a given day, but deciding what two stacks to pair? Thats the key difference between 1st place and 250th


TBR/BAL - Similar to yesterday, the Orioles are trotting out another pitcher who has a FB rate over 50%. Sadly, the Royals weren’t able to take advantage so let’s hope the Rays are able to tonight. Both sides of the plate are in play for the Rays as Wojciechowski has an ISO v L of 0.357! & ISO v R of 0.214. On the other side of the diamond the Orioles are yet again facing another lefty which should put them in a decent spot to repeat some of the success they had last night. However, Yarbrough is a better pitcher than the one they faced last night (more on that coming soon in the takeoff). Nonetheless, we can’t ignore the fact that Camden Yards is a hitters’ paradise and the wind should be blowing out again!

TBR: MEADOWS, Choi, Kiermaier, Pham, Adames, Zunino

BAL: MANCINI, NUNEZ, SEVERINO lead the way as they all have ISOs over .240 vs lefties. I wouldn’t be opposed to sprinkling in Santander or Villar to make a bigger stack. (Yes, these are the same notes as yesterday & they came through so if it ain’t broke why fix it? Haha)