Leverage Corner 8.15.19

Leverage Corner

Bringing you the best plays when it comes to gaining leverage on the field. The best way to approach this is to mix in these team stacks with other stacks (chalk or safer plays) you are confident in. Differentiating yourself from the rest of the field while still playing smart should be your daily goal.


In FD I find myself obviously going Twins first, but then after Reds more than I thought.

For FD pitching Heaney is just so cheap, but his pitch count will be 80 ish, still worth having a decent share of him to fit top tier stacks with him.

Darvish and Gray make up the majority of my FD exposure.

DK: Twins again lead the way. A.Sanchez great price and low ownership for some reason. It's a good situation as I said earlier to roster Sanchez, but have a hedge stack of the As. Gray will be the pitcher I own the most