KBO Takeoff: Version 6/17

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

For our new members testing KBO out today / this week. I'll be posting my projections for all the Starting Pitchers in each breakdown. That way you get a full understanding of what I'm saying / seeing.

Pitching Strategy

Top Tier:

C.Flexen (DOO)

M.Wright (NC)

C. Lim (LG)

W.Choi (KIW)

With Flexen coming back from a short stint on the DL, all of a sudden this slate is shaping up as a good one. There are now 4 options that are more than capable of being the #1 scoring SP come morning. Last we saw, Flexen was having a solid season with a 3.79 FIP to go with a 19.9 K%. Flexen shouldn't be limited and will be facing SAM (plus matchup). Wright will do battle with KIA as he continues to outrun the regression monster (2.77 ERA / 4.72 FIP). Even though I hate rostering players who have been overachieving, his +20 K% and being a heavy favorite (largely due to the elite offense backing him) I can't ignore Wright. Yet again, we have another above-average arm