KBO Takeoff: Version 6/01

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Until FD gets its act together, we'll be primarily focusing on DK slates. (FD doesn't even have a slate for tonight btw.)

Primary Pitching Options

Jae-hak Lee (NC) $8700: Another one of these "pretty good, not spectacular" pitching options that I will tell you about. Lee is about as steady as it gets. Unlike the Mike Wright's (high FIP, low ERA) or William Cuevas' (low FIP, high ERA) of the world, Lee put up an even keel 3.75 ERA / 3.76 FIP this past season. If we combine 2019-20 his K% sits at an average 16.4% (17.5% in '20). While we should have a good idea of what his usual output will be, we can also bump up his projection closer to his ceiling on account of the offensive firepower he will have backing him up, along with facing a bottom 3 offensive unit in SK.

Exposure: 35-70% (By default)