KBO Takeoff: Koo Day Eve

Primary Pitching Options

W.Choi (KIW): By far the safest / highest floor option here. Even more, we can also argue he has as high of a ceiling as anyone going today. He has 3 games of 20+ points this season already, including a 22.1 result against this same SAM unit. The one aspect I don't love is that he has yet to reach 100 pitches in any single start. That being said, it hasn't stopped him from reaching at least 6 IP in all but 2 starts. He'll be a heavy favorite with a weirdly quiet (as of late) elite lineup backing him up.

Exposure: 25-57%, 25-50%

Min Ho Lee (LG): Rained out yesterday, Min Ho is back at it, this time moving up all the way to the elite Primary Tier. Only 18 years old, Lee isn't a sure thing by any means. Because of the makeup of this slate, I need to try to find the hidden upside that can come about simply because of the matchup / surrounding options. His range of outcomes is wide, but he has shown enough with his 7 K, 100 pitch outing last time out. Remember the lack of batted ball data KBO has? The precious limited data we do have point to Min Ho being an above average SP who has a ceiling of a top 2 rotation arm in the coming years. Store that in the back of your mind, and we'll see how he winds up over a larger sample size this season.