KBO Takeoff: Koo Day!

Primary Pitching Options

Chang Mo "Da God" Koo: You know the drill. The Ace of all aces gets a tough matchup here vs. KIW, and I couldn't be more pleased. ANYTHING that will make the average player hesitant is a bonus for me. KIW has elite power but that comes with a territory; KIW leads the league in K%. Again, I'm in across all formats and sites.

Exposure: 40-70%, 30-60%

D.Gagnon (KIA): There's a lot to gain in going back and reviewing a player's outlook / outcome his last few times out (especially in a league like KBO where we're still learning everyday). I say this here because I've been saying how Gagnon has as high of a K% upside as ANYONE. Yes, anyone. His last two starts might cause some lower ownership than usual which would be great for us. Having several games that saw him reach the 8-9 K range, SK is as an ideal of a matchup that this RHP can ask for.

Exposure: 15-40%, 9-27%

O.Despaigne (KT): So OD has made me look bad the last two times out after straight dominating the first month of the season. And yet, here I go again. This is the classic case of