KBO Takeoff: 6/10 Launch City

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

While I usually like putting more emphasis on SP research, today I'm going to give more of a brief rundown and put our attention squarely on the bats. If you would like further analysis on a pitcher, it always helps to go back a turn and see what was written about him. You can then adjust expectations depending on the matchup upgrade/downgrade.

Primary Pitching Options

Eric Jokisch (KIW): While it's close on who's the most talented pitcher going today, their outlooks belong on different tiers because of matchups. Jokisch gets to face SAM while Rucinski and Brooks have to deal with Doosan and KT. Currently sporting a 21.4 K%, 3.6 BB%, 2.35 FIP, and having allowed a whopping ZERO Homers, there's nothing bad to critique.

Exposure: 33-66%, 20-50%

Secondary Options

Drew Rucinski (NC): Like I mentioned above, the matchup isn't great. The good news, Rucinski has put up a top-tier 24.1 K% to go with a 2.11 ERA / 3.06 FIP and he has the league's best offense backing him up. I don't like the fact he's priced above $10K going up against an elite offense, but I can't be too picky.

Exposure: 10-30%, 8-22%