KBO Takeoff: 6/06 Koo Day

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Primary Pitching Options

C. Koo ($9300, $29): I'm not even going to waste anybody's time here. He's the best pitcher in the KBO, and he's facing the worst team in the KBO who also happen to be made up of mostly lefties. His price went down somehow which is a damn shame, if he was priced at even $11 K I still be all in.

Exposure: Near Lock Button Mode 70-95%, 51-75%

Secondary Options

Chris Flexen (DOO) $8600, $27: Nobody deserves to be in the same tier as Koo when he's facing HAN. Flexen was the primary reason why none of us took down last week's contests when he decided to have his most blah game of the season. He's had a mini 2 game slump, so I'm hoping ownership stays in check. He's still easily a top 10 SP and his matchup vs. KIA brings some K upside.

Exposure: 14-39%, 5-20%

Jong-hoon Park (SK) $7400, $25: Almost a member of the secondary options (updated, now he is), Park is one of those rare high K% pitchers (24.1%). Now its only been 5 starts & 28 IP but this might be for real. Why you ask? Well, Park's opponents from start #2-4 were the following: @LG, @KIW, and @DOO. The poor guy couldn't even luck into a home game. Here were the results of those matchups: 7K, 6K, and 8K. The 8 Ks vs. DOO being the most impressive considering the Doosan Bears have the lowest K% in the league. His matchup today, SAM, have been slumping quite hard over the last few games.Even then, they were bottom 4 across most offensive metrics to begin with.

Exposure: 11-33%, 6-20%