KBO Takeoff: 6/03 Return of the Joker

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Primary Pitching Options

D.Rucinski (NC) $9700/$27: Coming off another solid, if not great, outing. Rucinski has now cracked the 20 DK Point threshold in 3 of his 5 starts. Averaging 101.8 pitches per start, he's also gone no less than 5.1 IP this season. Has a plus matchup against SK, and will have the platoon advantage vs. their biggest power threats.

Exposure: 26-60% DK, 15-35% FD

E.Jokisch (KIW) $9500/$21: My man! The Joker is coming off a 34.2 Point effort against a talented KT offense. What's his reward for accomplishing that feat? A date with the Hanwha offense. On top of being the bottom dwellers of the league, HAN also happens to feature 5 lefties throughout their usual lineup. (Jokisch is a LHP). This is a dream spot anyway you want to look at it. How the hell is he THAT cheap on FD?? WOW!