KBO Inaugural Post: Welcome

Welcomeeeee everybody! I've seen some returning names and several new members, so let me introduce you all to how we do things around here. 

For the most part, it will be KBO Content that is posted Daily on the site, but of course, whenever a Soccer or MMA Slate approaches, we got you covered as well. 

My goal here has always remained the same, get you the best content in the most efficient way possible. Unlike most competing sites, I'm not looking to wait until midnight to breakdown the upcoming KBO Slate. We all have unique schedules, and I want to make sure we give you an ample amount of time to process everything. 

Some days I may begin breaking down a slate as soon as the past slate finishes, while other days may take till early afternoon to start seeing the initial plan of attack. 

I'll do my best to update you as the day moves along. 

For the 5/28 5:30 AM ET Slate upcoming several things stick out to me from the jump. 

  1. The pitching talent tonight trumps last night's arms by a mile. (I'll be elaborating on some of the key differences I've seen as far as the KBO to MLB comparisons go). 

  2. As usual, NC and DOO are the #1-2 Projected offenses according to Vegas Odds. 

  * DOO -222 Odds to Win w/ 6.5 Implied Runs 

  *NC -217 Odds to Win w/ 6.5 Implied Runs

  3. Personally, I'm leaning towards NC's Offensive Attack over Doosan. 

  Primarily because of Ownership & Upside. NC will face the likes of Jung who 

  was the owner of a sparkling 6.60 FIP to pair with an 8.8% K Rate.