KBO 5/31: Enter the KOO

Forget everything I have ever said so far about KBO and their pitching. Today's group of arms are talented enough to compete in the MLB, heck half of them have done so already.

Primary Pitching Options

Chang Mo Koo (NC): Oh man, its KOO Day. Remember that thing I said about how I rarely own 70% or more of a pitcher unless a situation calls for it? This is it. Here is Koo's Statline for 2020 so far: 29 IP, 31 K%, 7.7 BB%, 0.62 ERA, 0.66 WHIP. Looking at some of the more advanced stats, the numbers are even more impressive: 2.18 FIP to go along w/ ZERO HRs allowed. He's the real deal. On top of the already glorious numbers, he has a positive matchup facing the Samsung Lions. While they put up 9 runs yesterday, it was against a pitcher who was due for regression and susceptible to damage. SAM is still a bottom 3 team and Koo is still the league's best. Perhaps I won't go 100% because it is baseball, but I'm aiming to have around 80%+ exposure. To make you even more confident in this somewhat bold call of mine, here are his game by game output in fantasy points:

vs. SAM 31.1 FP