It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later: DFS Baseball Edition

As happy as I am about the free time that now opened up with the baseball season coming to an end, I’m also a little sad but very grateful at the same time. You all gave me a platform to discuss sports and strategies. You all took a chance on me and gave me the ability to start a dream of mine in being able to make a living writing and discussing fantasy sports. I still haven’t fully taken it in since I really don’t ever stop long enough to take a look around and see where I’m at. It’s been a ridiculous whirlwind that crazy enough only began a few months ago. Daily Boogie is only just over 3 months old? Oh my god lol, it sincerely feels like a year. Wow.

While I know it’s impossible to have 100% winners, I feel very confident that you can all say you learned a thing or two, became a better DFS player, and hopefully won some money as well. This was our first time ever doing this. When I say that, I not only mean myself in being a lead writer/analyst running my very own site but also for my entire team. It was Derek Clarke’s first time being a CFO aka (handling the expenses and dealing with the day-to-day customer support. It was Gabriel Kelly's first time designing a fantasy site. It was Luis Garcia’s first time working on getting our projections in gear (Still is). It was Andrew Santana's and Mathew Jolly’s first time creating fantasy leagues, organizing emails, and mailing out shirts (as some of you might be able to tell 🙃).

You know it's kind of funny how bipolar Twitter can sometimes be. Twitter's reputation is one of vile and rudeness. If you look at it from a certain point of view, you will see Twitter for the troll infested, no rules outlaw, mean slander monster that it presents itself to be. However, if one can look past the negativity and see the glass as half full; you may just find a particular segment of the world that is sincerely just trying to find some fun and entertainment to simply occupy their mind and find a fun escape from time to time.

I'm one of the luckier ones when it comes to the number of good friends that I have that like sports. But there's a difference between "liking" sports and "loving" sports. I didn't really have a hardcore DFS friend to turn to and debate Calvin Ridley's value and how his WR/CB matchup suits him well this week. I didn't have anybody who would counter my Adrian Houser's upside vs. the Mariners take. I am incredibly appreciative that I now am one click away from getting some feedback even if it comes with a side of overreaction.