Football Draft Strategy: Picking Late

Whether you are selecting your draft order from a hat full of names, or going to the track and each member of the league picking a horse to determine the placement of your pick; the general tendency is to always want to have 1st pick. It's a normal human reaction and something that is usually exciting to win. Strangely enough, this season is setting up to be a little different as far as my preferences go. When selecting first, you get the obvious bonus of picking who you determine to be the best player possible, thats great! You get the best player on the board and on your way to win your league right? Well the catch-22 to having the first pick in a snake draft is that you don't get to pick again till much later in the draft (by then everyone else already has 2 players to their rosters by the time you come up once again).

This season I feel there is an advantage to picking later in drafts and in a sense getting "quantity over quality". Here is how my first draft in a best ball league went when I had the 12th selection.

I went with the full on CEILING, SWAG FILLED Picks of Tyreek Hill and Odell Beckham Jr. On top of having the enjoyment of rostering fun players, I also went this route because in my perspective, gives me the best possible start I can have when selecting late this season. Why you may ask? Well, whenever I pick players for the current round at hand, I like to think ahead and set myself up the best I can for the rounds to follow. Going WR-WR to start is beneficial because of the abundance of Running Back options we are likely to have on the board when our turn comes back around for pick 3 and 4. If I went with two RBs to start off, the quality of the WR pool drops off tremendously compared to that of the RB selections.

For round 3 and 4 I ended up selecting Devonta Freeman and Melvin Gordon. I cannot begin to explain how ecstatic I was when I saw they were both still on the board for me. These are two RBs that just a year ago were both essentially going in the late 1st round. What has really changed that much since then? Well one is in a holdout that is rumored to be coming to an end, and the other had an injury that he's had PLENTY of time to rehab and get his health in order. There's also the benefit of Tevin Coleman leaving that will only open up Freeman's Floor/Ceiling mix even more. Atlanta invested heavily in their O-line this offseason so I only see the arrow pointing straight up for this run scheme in the ATL. As for Gordon, he's one of the rare 3 down backs who is a monster in the passing game as well. Even if he were to holdout a week or two into the season, the upside is just too much to pass up. You can take his backup if you want to feel safer as well. (A.Ekeler and J.Jackson).