Daily Notes 06.19.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

Just wanted to give a few thoughts of our experience here before day 6 begins. I saw a good amount of you won some contests last night with the helps of the lower arms i mentioned that saved us some Cap Space (Keller, Bailey) and the super low owned COL stacks. (Sorry that ARI didn't show up) it makes me very happy to see that you guys are learning and getting better everyday even if the big hit hasn't come yet.

I wish that i could make all your lineups win all the money in the world believe me. When someone i recommended doesn't perform up to task (Woodruff) I don't care at all about my results, its all of you that I feel I let down that keeps me up at night. I know I haven't had my signature BIG night yet (I did win a WFBC Seat at least Sunday) but I promise its not for lack of trying. Yesterday I went all out trying to make sure everyone here had the best shot to succeed, just sometimes the smart plays don't workout. I can't promise you what a man with a wooden stick swinging at a small round ball traveling at 100 mph will end up doing, but I can promise you that i will give it my all and put you in the best possible position to win.

That's my goal over here, to put you in the best possible position and the rest is sadly out of my hands. This tweet by Chris is exactly where I want us to be as much as possible.