Daily Notes 07.22.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.


I'm leaning on only matching the field on Cole and Clevinger today for a few reasons. They are priced extremely high today and while that usually wouldn't matter to me on account of how elite their K rate is, Cole in particular doesn't exactly have the easiest matchup. The As own one of the lower K rates this season. I usually go heavy on the given days Aces either because they are misplaced or facing a subpar to terrible team that you know the upside is unmatched.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO FADE THEM, DEAR GOD. I'm simply saying I'm going to be spreading my pitchers out today more than the norm. For two pitcher sites today is setting up to be a great day to have a 4K pitcher along with a mid tier pitcher that you are comfortable with. It just opens up a whole lot for roster construction.

A route to go today is to fill your hitters first and see how you can fill your pitcher(s) after.

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