The Takeoff 7.28.19

Pitcher Rankings

Top Options

T.Bauer: On top of being a near elite pitcher this season, Bauer also has the rare upside of having the longest leash in the MLB. He's averaging close to 110 pitches a game which is unheard of these days. The matchup vs. a subpar KC team shouldn't scare anybody off of playing Bauer. My only concern is the wind blowing out to left, but he still grades out as an elite play today.

R.Ray: Going against the Marlins at Marlins Park, which is a ballpark that just sucks the power out of bats. With all the great hitting weather today there's a premium benefit that you get when rostering someone in such a great all around pitching situation.

Secondary Options/ Punt Plays

C.Archer: I'll tell you first thing, I don't like this. He grades out well on my model though so I have to dive deeper and see what I do.