Dynasty: The Game Within the Game

When playing in Dynasty formats, you have to not only think about the present construction of your roster but also how your squad is going to look like in the future as well. Personally, it's my favorite form when it comes to playing Non-DFS fantasy football. I love thinking like a general manager/ owner.

When I was a kid in elementary school and the teachers would pass out a paper that had questions like "What do you want to be when you grow up?" or "What is your dream job?" I didn't answer like the typical adolescent. Being a fireman, policeman, or the President of the United States never really intrigued me. Instead, I would always write that I wanted to be either a General Manager of a professional team or a Sport's Agent. Yup, even at a young age, my mind was already geared towards the world of sports and numbers.

When I first started off playing redraft leagues, I always felt an empty feeling when the year came to an end, and all the players that I followed along closely for 16 weeks were all of a sudden taken away from me and thrown back into the player pool where other people were sure to pick them the following season. Back in 2012, my best friend's brother told me about this "Dynasty" league that he was starting up with some people and if I was interested. Without hesitation, I said, "hell yes, let's do it." I knew absolutely nothing about the hardcore strategic elements that go into a dynasty draft; I simply thought, "oh just pick players that are not old," that should do the trick. I still remember how my draft started. I had pick #10 and was suffering through the first nine picks praying that nobody would take Cam Newton (who had burst onto the scene the previous year and was two years removed from dominating all of college football.) He was and probably still is my favorite player. (I am not a big fan of his scarves and fashion choices though). I took him right away and was thrilled. I then took the up and coming great Darren McFadden who had just had a monster season but was "Injury Prone." LOL DAMMIT that set me back a little. With my 3rd round pick I took the explosive Percy Harvin who was just a lot of fun to own back in the day. (Also injury-prone, sigh). The 4th round, this running back kept dropping and dropping so I decided to scoop him u; his name? Marshawn Lynch. He was coming from Buffalo to the Seattle Seahawks at the time. Little did I know about the BEAST MODE that I was getting.

Anyways, the first season came and went, and I finished 5-8. Not great, but my team was mostly young, so I felt ok about it. Here is where Dynasty sets apart from all other formats, there is no offseason. We had our first lottery, and I won the first-ever 1st overall rookie pick in our league. At the time I didn't really know how valuable those can be, and I stupidly traded it away for Maurice Jones-Drew who was a top 20 ranked (redraft) player heading into the next season. I figured lets go for the title this season! MJD was a significant bust. Horrific season and he retired a couple of years thereafter. Not to get to ahead of myself, but the following off-season I luckily was able to package him in a deal for somebody named Rob Gronkowski. YEAH BUDDY!