Daily Notes 06.29.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

10:27 am

Hello everyone, wanted to thank you all for the well wishes yesterday. A member wrote "we have a special group here" and that was an understatement. I appreciate every single one of you and I will go all out so that by the end of the season you all feel what you paid for here was a steal. We are recording our first podcast today and that will be a big step in our process and a way for me to share my personal process step by step.

I'm also coming off a rough day for my body yesterday, and I'm feeling a little off today. I apologize, and while I will try to break down as much as I can today, it might be a bit lighter than usual. For the new members that joined the family, this will not be the norm. You can go back and review what my breakdowns usually look like day-to-day.

Anyways, once we record the podcast we will update you as to when you should be expecting it up on the site.


This Early Slate is UGLY, theres no way around it. I'll play light here as there is no single sure thing in my opinion. Pitching as terrible, and its Russian Roulette at the position. Sure you can play Castillo (who i love most days) the most talented pitcher on the slate, but you can just as easily fade him and play Cubs bats since he does have a slight weakness vs. lefty bats.

Yeah the Rays elite prospect is up today and could be a fun play but we don't know if he's even going to reach 70 pitches today.