Daily Boogie Upcoming Schedule

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

So.... some of you may know next week is the big World Fantasy Baseball Championship Live Finals. I was hoping to be more prepared by now but I really haven't had the time to start strategizing for it like I was hoping for. Along with preparing for the trip, I will also be very busy with some doctor appointments that are important because of my health conditions.

I wanted to give you all the heads up of how my week is going to look like. I will be taking tomorrow off, but I will be back for the Sunday Slate. As for the following week, I won't be able to have a set schedule so instead I'm going to hand over the reigns to my good friend Nick Delgado. I'm going to show him the ropes on how to prepare everything for your liking. I will be overseeing it all and I'll be running by him what I see on certain matchups and make sure we give you the best chance to have a successful week. For our football members we are going to have some new content for you coming up shortly. We are going to make sure to leave you all with our TOP 150 Overall Rankings before we take off next week incase some of you have a draft in the coming days.

I know some of you are going to raise an angry fist, but I hope you understand that we are all doing our best and I've tried to go above and beyond my capabilities since day 1. I've pushed myself as much as I can to try to please you all no matter the circumstances surrounding me. The plan is to resume day to day activities the Monday after the WFBC.

I'll be checking in often incase you have any questions or concerns. As always, you can stay in contact with me and the team on Twitter. I'm going to attempt to represent you all the best that I can next weekend. BOOGIE SZN FOREVER.

- Adam aka Boogie aka Mr.5Seats

8/19 Mon- Transition day. Going to try to do a DK Screen Share for you all.

8/20 Tue- 8/25 Sun - Nick taking over with the content. We will inform you of what to expect and if there is any new adjustments to be made to the schedule.

8/26 Mon- Adam returns back to regular weekly schedule.