Daily Notes 06.20.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

Back by popular requests, here are some examples of lineups that I'm looking to play today.

First we have the rookie combo pairing with an unorthodox mix of bats. When you have the ability to roster 2 pitchers who have the upside to finish in the top 3 in scoring and the two best hitters in baseball surrounded by the best offensive stack (MIN) along with some quality bats that all have a nice floor/ceiling to them.. DO IT. Today my lineups will be half unconventional/ half 5 man stacks with upside one-offs. Again, this might not be my exact lineup i finish on, but it should give you a good idea as to what I'm going for. The good thing about these lineups is it's easy to interchange a piece here and there that you might prefer. EX: Dont like the Dodgers today? Ok, replace Hernandez and Turner with Dietrich- Guerrero. Boom. So many options.

Every time you roster Bundy you have to be aware of the possibility he sets your lineup on fire. If you can live with that, today is that day to risk it. I've stated before how I don't think he's as terrible as the consensus thinks he's is, nice K upside and a solid price going against a struggling Ms team in good pitching weather. Pujols has been underrated this year, really solid numbers vs. lefties and gets a high % of fly balls. Would be a good piece to put alongside Trout incase they try to pitch around Trout the entire night. MIL is set up almost too well. At home, where they crush it against a pitcher in Roark who struggles vs. lefties.

Odorizzi has been money this year. Going against an inferior KC team that has a bunch of Ks throughout the lineup. A little worried about the weather being hitter friendly, but I feel very good about his floor/ceiling being backed up by the MIN offense. He worked for us last time around vs. a better opponent.