Daily Notes 07.03.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

Ok I won't be going as hard today as yesterday, I felt great yesterday with what I landed on and today I feel pretty good again. The problem is this damn weather changes a perfectly set up game plan. Everything on the Takeoff and Leverage Corner is EXACTLY what I plan to do. Since writing those pieces this is what else I want to make sure I express to you all.

- I love Canning but today he is just set up to fail. He's a flyable pitcher going against a team that hits the ball very hard vs.righties. Just doesn't match up too well here. Texas bats ^^

- On the other side, The Angels are going up against Jurado who struggles to K both sides of the plate. The ball will be put in contact often. The LAA squad has a good chance to BABIP Jurado to death here.

- I will be playing a good amount of ATL stacks, but don't forget the other side which is also hitting in good weather conditions. PHI bats such as Bruce, HOSKINS, Harper. All in play

- Here's a couple of crazy stats.Vargas hasn’t given up more than 4 ERs all season and hasn't allowed more than 3 runs since April. WHAT the HELL. Incredible. I'm willing to put that to the test today as apparently the Yankees won't be drawing that much ownership. Lets see how that goes.

- I'm surprised and pleased that the Archer vs. Darvish game isn't garnering crazy amount of ownership. I don't get it. They both are big name pitchers because they both used to be really good just a couple of years ago. But there's no way around it, they have SUCKED the last season+ if not longer.