The Takeoff 6.30.19

Someone on twitter asked me last night "What do you make of Muncy's sh** performance?" After I chuckled a few times and slapped my knees I replied back. "Baseball." This is baseball people. This is the hardest sport to predict. period. There is no other sport or daily fantasy sport for that matter, that the best player in the world can get 0 points on any given day. If you play any other fantasy sport think about this: When you select Patrick Mahomes for your Sunday team, you know damn well you are at the very worst getting 18-28, 220 Yards, and 1 TD. If you select Russ Westbrook, short of him getting thrown out or injured at the tipoff, there is no scenario in which he gets you 0 points, 0 rebounds, and 0 assists. Mike Trout can go 0-4 a couple of times a week at his best. Variance is a cruel bit** and I'm going to try my best to make her leave us alone today.

Pitcher Rankings

The ACES of the Deck

M.Scherzer- Is this really happening? The best right arm in the game is going against the worst offensive unit against RHPs? Holy SHI*. This is going to be comical. Lets check the weather incase its somehow funneling 60 mph winds out to left. Short of that or Max having a freak accident where he cut his arm off, this has the potential to be the greatest raw point projection we have had this ENTIRE season. It's going down. PLAY EVERYWHERE