The Takeoff 7.29.19

Pitcher Rankings

My Main Squeezes

C.Paddack: Back at home where he pitches extremely well against a BAL team that only has 1 bat over 40% hard hit rate vs. RHPs. He's also the cheapest of all the top arms.

C.Smith: Smith has a swinging strike rate of 14.1% to go along with a 31% K rate. Another stud who pitches really well at home. When I say he pitches REALLY WELL at home, I mean ELITE.

Secondary Squeezesz

S.Gray: PIT might be without Bell and Dickerson today, if thats the case it will make Gray a really attractive pivot today. The downside here is that he has already faced PIT 3 times this season. I typically don't like that for pitchers, but lets see what lineup PIT throws out today.

J.Barria: I'm still laughing at the Vegas line for this one; Barria is a -240 favorite. For those of you who don't know what that totally means, Vegas thinks the Angels are about as close to a lock (sure thing) as it gets. He's not uber talented but he has been pitching much better as of late. Makes for an affordable SP 2 and Cash play.

P.Corbin: Great pitcher, really good stuff, but will only be in my secondary lineups today. He's priced a bit too high for the matchup that he draws today vs. ATL. The one thing I was surprised at seeing is that ATL does have some high K%s vs. LHPs. However, they also have high hard hit rates and ISOs as well.

M.Kelly: He finally got lit up his last start, it was a long time coming. Not a talented pitcher at all but he keeps skating by and he is likely to escape yet again facing the Marlins and getting a ballpark upgrade.