Cash Plays: Week 14

This article's sole purpose is to hand-deliver (almost) the exact lineup I'll be entering every week for "Cash Games" on DK and FD. BTW, our DK Week 1 Cash "Suggestions" ended up being good enough to win several GPPs lol. Solid start, no sweat Week 1.

The main cash games on DK are the GIANT Double-Ups, where fields at the lower stake can range anywhere from 5,000 to almost 30,000 entries. We also have to other game types that, while similar, have slightly different altercations to our plan of attack. Head to Heads and 50/50s are technically considered the more efficient style for anybody viewing this as a longterm (build your bankroll) outlook. While "Double Ups" are usually the featured games across sites, they do have a bit of a catch. Their rake is more extensive, and less than 50% of the field ends up winning. 50-50s offer winnings to exactly half the field, just with a couple of dollars less.

EX: $5 Double Up for a ten-person contest = $10 return to only the top 4 players.

EX: $5 50-50 for a ten-person contest = $9 to half the field. 

That brings us to our next point. Playing in large fields helps soothe out a lot of the variance that can take place any given week. 

EX: 5,000 Size Field 

When your RB twisted his ankle in the first quarter, chances are a massive % of the field also is dealing with the same issue, keeping your lineup alive.

EX: 20 Size Field

When your RB leaves the game after the first drive, the chances of the other 19 opponents having that same issue minimizes drastically. Your afternoon might be donezo.

Lastly, focus on these Cash Games that are either Single-Entry or limit the number of lineups a single player can enter. The reason being, the majority of players who enter the max amount in cash games, likely are entering just one lineup 100 times. These tend to be individuals known as "sharks."