Cash Plays: Week 13

FD Cash

Every position up until the Flex spot is an absolute great play according to all metrics. I'm extremely pleased with this lineup with again, only the flex being a tough one for me to decide on.

These were the 5 names that were in consideration for the flex. I'll right away eliminate Kupp and Barkley because they have shown some low floors this season. I love Fournette's usage this year but it will be his toughest matchup of the season. Down to Jacobs and Evans.

Argument for Jacobs: The only way he fails is if the Chiefs run away with the game and blow them out. But if they do that, that means Mahomes and Kelce are likely big reasons for that. Having all 3 is almost bullet proof one way or another.

Argument for Evans: In a fantastic spot this week. The Jags have nobody to matchup with him and they bleed out WR production on the regular. The thing that scares me is another Godwin explosion that leaves him as a distant 2nd option. For that reason, I feel Jacobs is the better play here.