Cash Lineups: Week 14

DK Cash

A lot of moving parts this week on this massive slate. If you've been reading and keeping up to date with this week's content, a lot of these names should be expected. If you can find room for the most dynamic fantasy QB we have seen possibly ever; you do it. You already know my love for Gordon this week, and then we have the most dynamic RB of this decade joining them. 3 WRs who all have a floor of 5+ targets with ceilings of 10+ this week. (Edelman actually has 7 STRAIGHT Weeks of 10+ targets). We finish up this build with two of the week's best values. Colts offer us a safe floor with upside for a lot more if we get bad Jameis.

FD Cash

I'm going to be splitting my FD Cash into two builds in order to fit in several players I'm high on/ feel good about their value and floor. I would usually tell you if I like one build more than the other but it's pretty damn even this week. Again, go with your favorite, go with both, or if you hate them make sure to let me know how much I suck!