Cash Game Lineups: Week 2


Notes: Here I'm leaning to paying down at QB since J.Allen really stands out as an incredible value with a safe floor thanks to his rushing. Kamara as you know my favorite play, Ekeler is my #3 RB this week, safe as they come, K.Allen same situation with already having a large target share now only increases. R.Woods had 13 targets last week, and this week will likely be higher scoring so yeah. T.Williams and Waller if you read my notes earlier this week you saw this coming.

You can easily put J.Jacobs in here instead of any of the 3 RBs, he's super low priced and if I make a second lineup he's for sure in it. I'm just slightly worried that the Chiefs jump ahead and the Raiders abandon the run. While they claim he would see work in the passing game, we haven't seen it yet. I feel Richard might take a way a good chunk once they decide to start launching missiles to keep up with KC. If for some reason OAK starts off fast and KC is trailing, he's aces. So yes, I'm aware this could be a major oversight. He can technically slide in for Gio if Mixon plays and then we would have even more money to spend.

BTW: I left 600 dollars over for you to decide on how to upgrade. M.Thomas or Hopkins could slide in there real nice.