Cash Game Lineups

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Every week we will bring you the prime example of how the optimal cash lineup should look like to give you the best chance to cash with a top 50% roster score.

FanDuel Cash Lineups

Giving you 3 examples of variations you can use. The goal is to have a core of players that are as close to a lock to receive certain guaranteed touches/volume/opportunities that are the least affected by game script.

You can also edit them with other similar options if it makes you feel more comfortable. A prime example is substituting Winston for L.Jackson or C.Wentz. Using my Value picks would be the ideal way to find the most optimal picks. As you see I punted on Defense, but if you would like to pick a better D, it's not hard to do by finding a slightly cheaper alternative in another position.

RB: Cook and Carson will be staples in my Cash Games. Thielen is a lock for me for WRs.

TEs its a nice feeling to get Kelce or Kittle but lowering down to a Henry where his opportunities should be locked to a nice floor/ceiling especially with no M.Gordon, is a great way to find $ elsewhere.