Lineup Review: $59,000+ Win

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

This one was a major "I'm calling my shot" moment. When the Monday slate came out on Fanduel Sunday night, I looked at it for maybe 5-10 minutes before I told my team (Shout out to Louie, Gaby, Derek, Andy, and Jolly) "Well guys, looks like I'm winning a lot of money tomorrow. FanDuel doesn't even know it yet, but it's happening." I really can't explain what happened, but I was just so confident, it was a surreal feeling. While I'm not always going to win over $50,000 just because I like how a slate looks, there are just those days where one really likes their chances.

I was on five teams right from the start as I said ^ here. While OAK wasn't my favorite, I started to make them more of a priority as the day went on by merely playing the ownership game. The only players getting a lot of ownership on OAK were Davis and Chapman. I had mentioned that in order to win these types of contests, you have to be able to stand out from the crowd; you have to find a way to zig while others zag. I decided to go with J.Phelegy (knowing damn well nobody wants to play catchers ever) and J.Profar in my build. On FanDuel, they don't require you to play catchers. Instead of looking at that as a relief and cross out all those boring catchers, use it to your advantage and gain that leverage. Phelegy was a total of 0.3% owned! That's insanely low, especially for a seven-game slate.

There are multiple advantages when you decide to play a cheap, nearly unowned player. The first being that it usually opens up the rest of your lineup with an excess of salary space. Secondly, you're now able to roster some of the chalkier players since you already have something to differentiate with. Remember, being contrarian doesn't mean you need to have low owned sub-optimal plays throughout the lineup, it's about total team ownership.