The Takeoff 6.20.19

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to #ZacGallenSZN. Yes he's a rookie, yes he's never pitched in the Majors before, and yes we have no idea how he will play on the big stage for the first time. DONT CAREEEEEEEE!! It's a Thursday slate with no true aces, and I'm a sucker for potential. Gallen comes into this game with an insane 33.6 K% in Triple-A this season. It's not just a hot streak, he's been on point the entire season; striking out 112 batters in his 91.1 innings. The only thing that scares me is Don Mattingly and his damn quick hook no matter the situation. It seems he doesn't allow starters to ever get passed 99 pitches, but Gallen is coming off a 98 pitch performance so I'm expecting him to at least be allowed to get to 90-95 today. St.Louis isn't known for their high k rate, but they have been ice cold when it comes to hitting for the last two weeks or so. I'm riding with Zac.(7000 FD, 7300 DK).

9:51 Update: WOWWW all the projections around the industry are indicating that Gallen won't finish as a top 5 pitcher tonight. I'm SO EXCITED! It be the best day ever if he comes in low owned. Honestly whatever the projected ownership is, I'll be over. Planting my flag. You all heard it here first.

Speaking of potential, my boy Nick Pivetta could make or break the slate today. Priced at (7700 FD, 8200 DK) on a slate with no "true" ace, I will have no choice but to at least roster him and hang on for dear life. He's been a different pitcher since being recalled from Triple-A, but the volatility still remains. High upside K potential is enough for me to take some chances with Nick today vs. a Washington team that has more strikeouts in it then people generally assume. The Nats own a 23.6 K% against righties this season. Conclusion: Pivetta is only a GPP play today, not safe for cash.

I should just call this the "Potential of Awesomeness" Tier. Next we have Framber Valdez who i was 100% behind last week with such an affordable price tag and decent matchup. This week however he has to go against the Yankees and their new Murderers Row of a lineup. Sanchez, Voit, Stanton, Edwin is a scary thing to have to get through. The good news is there are strikeouts to be had here. NYY has the 6th highest K% against lefties this season. Because of FanDuel's scoring system being one that you can get away with giving some runs and hits without being penalized too harshly, it's easier to take a chance on Valdez there as oppose to DK where it can get messy. Still, I'll have some exposure but please don't go crazy here. (7400 FD,7100 DK).