Daily Notes 06.27.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

Morning Slate

Won't be able to do a full slate breakdown for these small slates today, and honestly they aren't great. If you are somebody who plays low stakes and can control your temptation I would pool all your money and save it for this weekend's slates. Sundays have been my best days in terms of ROI and winning GPPs. It's something I'm going to also discuss in the podcasts as what day's I feel I have an advantage of, in turn what days this site's members will have a greater edge than usual.

Yesterday was a brutal day for good offenses. Brewers and Astros were a tremendous let down but I'm somebody that sticks out to what the numbers tell me to play and I try not to let recency bias enter my decision making.

It's plain and simple today. Once again, MIL and HOU offense are being put in a position to succeed. Alvarez Bregman Brantley Altuve Reddick Chirinos Gurriel is how I have them in HOU. ALL of them in play but really focus on the top 3-4. Throw in players 5-7 to mix things up if making multiple lineups.

MIL is facing Mike Leake who is a con artist of a pitcher.Always seems to get by escaping what should have been a much uglier line. What side do you want to be in Yelich and dem boys or Mike Leake? I'm once again all in on these two offenses.

Pitching is UGLYYYY. Every pitcher has a path to being terrible to