The Takeoff 6.25.19

Pitcher Rankings

The "I'm higher than you in the food chain" Tier

Max Scherzer (12.2 FD, 12.4 DK): My Marlins are coming off being dominated by Aaron Nola who at best can be considered 60% the pitcher Mad Max is. Scherzer will be facing a Miami team who was already limited against righties, but now have lost two of their better bats on top of that. To make matters worse, Mad Max is coming off what could easily be considered his best start of the year. I can't find a single reason to fade him, beleive me I tried. The price is high, but this is about as perfect of a matchup as there will be. Cherry on top: He gets a ballpark boost too. Play him anywhere/ any format/ as much as you want.

Gerrit Cole (11.5 FD, 11.5 DK): Love this guy. The only reason Cole isn't the best pitcher going today is because he's pitching on a day that also includes Scherzer. That can be something we can use here. He's priced almost a grand less than Max, and people might see this matchup as just an ok one. Gerrit is leading the league in K%. That initself is already an impressive accomplishment right? Well check this out, Cole leads the league in K% by almost 5% from the next nearest pitcher! (Guess who's 2nd? Yup you guessed it Mr. Scherzer). Cole's 38.2 K%, 40 GB% (Ground Ball Percentage), and his 6.5 BB% are just such a lethal mix against ANY opponent. Play him in all formats, especially when you need the extra $ in some lineups you want to pay up for bats in.

Shane Beiber (9.8 FD, 10.8 DK): It's finally happened; I'm officially a Beiliber. I kept fighting back against this being a real thing, mostly because the number of hard contact % he allows. Only 15.6% of the contact made against him is considered "soft" contact. That leaves an overwhelming 84.4% of medium-hard contact being made against Shane. How is he managing to succeed while being hit so hard? His ability to keep the ball on the ground (41% GB) and his impressive 31.4 K% seem to be doing the trick. He also is facing a Royals team who doesn't have anybody that really scares you. The worst I can see happening is a Alex Gordon/ Lucas Duda solo homer or two. He's the ideal pivot off of the top two aces today.

The "Hmmm I'm Liking that Price" Tier