Daily Notes 07.16.19

Notes will be posted throughout the day.

Today is terrible and ugly and that means some random stack is likely to win the slate. In these type of slates I like to guarantee some money back so here it is, the rare cash game entry by The BoogieMan himself: I'm honestly 90% sure this cashes. The random spots where you can move a player here and there is SS and C. Belt, Altuve, Arenado, Cruz, Davis, Schwarber I'm realllllly high on today. And I'm even going to go through why

Belt: leadoff, likely getting AT LEAST 5 at bats in coors vs. a terrible pitcher and he has a high fly ball rate.

Altuve: MASHING lefties even in a "down year". .411 ISO, .522 wOBA (LOLZ)

Arenado: Facing a lefty IN COORS. Bro. .310 ISO .448 wOBA