The Takeoff 7.24.19

Pitcher Rankings

My Main Squeezes

P. Corbin: A lefty facing the Rockies while they are on the road. Remember all the numbers I said yesterday? Well that x2.

Z.Gallen: You all know what I think about my boy, a future All-Star. Gallen has a 14% walk rate so far in the majors but that will come down soon enough. He’s always had great control all throughout the minors so I'm not worried. That's also not something to worry about when it comes to the free-swinging CHW batters who also whiff at a crazy high rate. Great K stuff against a team that Ks a lot. I'm in.

N.Syndergaard: Thor might just be rounding back into form. Noah has a 26.3% K rate vs. RHBs this season and the Padres are essentially are rightoies that already K at an extremely alarming rate to begin with. Oh, he gets an extreme pitcher's umpire as a bonus.

J.Lyles: Love the price, love the matchup, love the ballpark. The definition of a good GPP play with his outcome ranging from -2 to 35 point ceiling today. The Cardinals are a watered down version of themselves who to reiterate what i said yesterday, 8th highest K rate vs. RHPs, bottom 3 in wOBA, ISO, and wRC+ vs. righties.