Leverage Corner 7.12.19

Leverage Corner

Bringing you the best plays when it comes to gaining leverage on the field. The best way to approach this is to mix in these team stacks with other stacks (chalk or safer plays) you are confident in. Differentiating yourself from the rest of the field while still playing smart should be your daily goal.


C.Blackmon has an average of .460 playing at home this season. That isn't a typo. He's a great low owned addition to a Rockies stack centered around Arenado and Story you can add. Makes for a fantastic 3 man.

I wanted to reiterate to keep an eye on some players who have had bad luck this season and the advanced statistics show that they have some positive regression headed their way.

-E.Suarez (who is posting a career high hard hit rate this season but has an extremely low BABIP)

-Gary Sanchez (look at notes under Boogie Play of the Day)

- P. Goldschmidt (all his advanced numbers line up just as well if not better than his career averages but his counting stats don't quite show that. That will change soon enough). Goldie getting hot lately. .310 ISO .430 wOBA vs. lefties all with a babip of .238. Today he gets Ray who is a fly ball pitcher and gives up a lot of hard contact.

Some of my favorite matchups today are

-Moustakas .280 ISO .370 wOBA. Anderson gets hit hard by lefties at a 42% hard contact rate.

-Springer hits cutters really really well. In a great hitting ballpark. ^^

-Meadows gets a ballpark upgrade along with his .225 ISO and .390 wOBA vs. RHPs.