Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Primary Arms

C.Koo: He's the KBO GOAT. Nuff said.

Secondary Arms

W.Cha vs. HAN: Breaker of GPPs. Cha is that same guy I've broken down the last several weeks who has the widest range of outcomes of any qualified SP. Yes, he even beats out the likes of S.Jang (His counterpart today). K rate north of 19% along with the HAN matchup vaults him up today.

H.Han vs. SK: If you're looking strictly at box scores you'd run the complete opposite direction and X him out. He's literally coming off of back to back games of double figure negative points (-24.1, -13.5) and hasn't been able to reach past the 2nd inning. A combined 3.2 IP, 19 hits, and 17 earned runs! It's insane numbers that he likely couldn't repeat if given 100 chances. And yet, I actually almost love him today. He's had some of the most incredible bad luck I've ever studied. His FIP is nearly 3 points lower than his ERA and he's limited power all while having a BABIP of nearly .400 (Worst in KBO). Here comes the ultimate bounce back spot gifted by the positive regression gods.

ADDED: Even with all these horrific surface numbers, he's allowing so little power, evident by his .078 LISO, .098 RISO. The only negative (besides his box scores) is his subpar K rates 16.6 LK%, 13 RK%. Even then, I'm not that worried. Last season over a larger sample, Han came away with a solid 21.7 LK% and 18.7 RK%. He's a -162 favorite today and growing.