7/17 KBO: Load Up the Bats SZN

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Primary Arms

C.Lim vs. HAN: Heads above all other starters on this slate. The only guy who has a plus matchup and a FIP of less than 5.15, think about that. 22.4 K% and a 3.88 FIP goes a long way here. High ownership is a certainty so as always, have something unique in lineups that feature him.

Secondary Arms

A.Brooks vs. DOO

C.Choi vs. LOT

These two pitchers are quite different in terms of skillset and overall ability, but they fall under the same tier today because of extreme circumstances. Brooks, possibly the 2nd best pitcher this season, will do battle vs. the Doosan Bears who are made up primarily of lefty contact bats that don't K much. That being said, he's the only other SP besides Lim with a K rate above 20%. Choi on the other hand, has been quite volatile. Currently sporting a FIP of 5+, Choi still has the large sample size that shows he's at least an average skilled arm if not slightly better. His matchup is neutral vs. the heavy RH lineup of LOT. On a different type of slate I wouldn't have him anywhere above a GPP pivot but things are about to get real ugly

GPP Pivot Arms

M.Wright vs. KT

S.Lee vs. SK

Woof. Here we go. The overpriced Wright and the meh skilled Lee are in play here for GPPs. Lee provides us the best savings of an arm who has at least shown SOME upside. While Wright, well, he's fine I guess. He's consistently been able to avoid a complete disaster (3.92 ERA but 5.03 FIP) and does have an 18+ K%. Lee on the other hand has been a bit unlucky with a FIP a point above his ERA (Both above 5 though). He's decent enough to have a K rate 2x that of his BB%, but even then, we're talking about a 14 K%. His matchup is what puts him above the rest of the trash. He's been pretty good at shutting down lefties so the only worry here will be Jeong Choi and possibly Romak, if he plays.