7/16 KBO: Deep SP SZN

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Primary Arms

C.Flexen vs. SK: Almost identical situations to yesterday's Alcantara matchup. Love this spot for Flexen who is a heavy favorite, pitcher's ballpark, plus matchup x2. Don't even want to bore you with the details.

Secondary Arms

D.Rucinski vs. KIW: Again, almost identical situations to Jokisch last slate. Facing a tough offense but he's a bonafide top 5 SP in the KBO who refuses to pitch less than 6 IP these days and has a 21.9 K% and top 10 FIP to back him up.

W.Cuevas vs. HAN: This is ridiculous, IDENTICAL situation as T.Wilson's yesterday. He's a safe floor pitcher who we can run out on any plus matchup, this is no exception. Good price, he'll surely be a decent favorite, and has a good shot to pick up a QS + W.

C.Jung vs. LOT: Here we go, the new wrinkle that differs from last night's slate. Jung has been nothing short of impressive this season. The guy has quietly put up a 23.7 K%, 5.7 BB%, while having MULTIPLE outings of 38+ points. Yes, that is a true statement. I would love for ownership to be anything less than 30% and I wouldn't mind going over that threshold here.