7/15 KBO: Alcantara SZN

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Primary Arms

R.Alcantara vs. SK: 12 hours removed from riding an SK Stack to a top 3 finish, I'm going to go practically All-In, in the opposite direction. Unlike Young Ha Lee, Alcantara is actually talented and will put good use to his pitcher friendly home park and his 21.9 K%. He's arguably been as good as any pitcher not named Koo (3.8 BB%, while throwing at least 6 IP in every single start except one where he pitched 5 innings). He's done this all with only facing HAN once, and has yet to matchup vs. SK in any of his 12 starts. That's only another positive to his outlook on this slate. Oh, he's the min price on FD $20, so ridiculous. Cash lock everywhere, and I'm debating what would be my 2nd GPP lock ever.

Secondary Arms

E.Jokisch vs. NC: He's pretty damn good. Joker has been able to give us a consistent 6-7 IP, 1-3 ER, 4-6 K just about every time out. It's a tough matchup and his price is the highest across sites which I'm assuming will lead to lowish ownership. If he comes in anywhere below 29% I'm going to take my chances and at the very least match the field.