7/08 KBO Takeoff

Top Arm

D.Straily vs. HAN: When looking at overall numbers, its easy to just take it as gospel and assume that's what we should expect moving forward. What I like to do is review the pitcher's arsenal and what he's doing that has given him success or given him trouble. For Straily it's obvious right off the bat. He uses a slider as his primary pitch vs. RHBs. That's why he has such great splits vs. righties. For whatever reason, he drops his slider usage by 50% vs LHBs. He seems to prefer throwing the changeup and curveball vs. lefties. HAN also happens to be #1 in overall team K%. The K upside is elite. Once MLB starts we'll be focusing on individual batter's stats vs. pitcher's primary pitches. It's a formula that's led to great results all last season.

Straily: .113 LISO, 24.7 LK%. .050 RISO, 30 RK%

Secondary Plays

O.Despaigne vs. KIA

W.Saupold vs. LOT

It's not a slate full of elite options, but Saupold and OD are clearly the best two options when it comes to outlook + ability. While it's close on DK, OD is the easier play on FD being $4 cheaper. On a slate that features a bunch of volatile SP2 options, it's always a good idea to spend the least amount at the position and use our salary on bats.